Short Stories

Here we have a collection of my shorter fiction. These bite-sized tales are big on enjoyment but small on time. If you're looking for something fun to read that doesn't take too long, then I enourage you to peruse the list below. You won't be disappointed!


Zarrissa, the most famous singer in the spiral arm of the Milky Way, isn’t happy being a Vendufu. She wants to be human. Her friend Lorexa thinks she’s plumb mad. After all, why risk losing a singing career for the sake of changing species? Zarrissa doesn’t care. Being human is a calling, she says, and if it means throwing away a life of fame and fortune, so be it. She can’t help who she is.



It’s not every day you come face-to-face with the Devil. For Uziel, a lowly angel on assignment from the Big Boss, today isn’t your typical day. He’s been sent by the Big Boss to an unassuming tavern to commence with the apocalypse. All he has to do is get the Devil to agree to the terms of their arrangement, terms set more than a millennium ago. Lucifer being Lucifer, he’s not about to let Uziel get his way. Luckily, there’s plenty for Uziel to drink at the End of the World bar. Unfortunately, it’s going to take more than a stiff drink to get Old Luc to cooperate.



Owen is not your ordinary 3D-printed robot. His maker, Dan, may have designed him using open source software code and off-the-shelf parts, but he also programmed Owen with something extra—a killer instinct. Dan’s goal: to create the world’s first serial killer robot. Owen doesn’t want to be a serial killer, yet he can’t help how he was programmed. He has passed all of Dan’s tests. Now he is about to face the real deal: his first kill.



Homicide Detective Terry Parker has a problem. He’s addicted to the high-tech drug Switch. It enhances mental focus and reaction time, but there is a dark side: the more you take, the more dangerous you become. An investigation into a seventeen-year-old murderer who overdosed on Switch gives Parker the one chance to stop the supply at its source. But he must take his addiction to the extreme if he’s to catch the ultimate criminal.